Delicious Bakery-Style Cupcakes

How to make Delicious Bakery-Style Cupcakes

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Justina Price2023-12-06

Bakery Style Cupcakes

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There’s nothing better than a fresh, homemade cupcake- except maybe a bakery style cupcake. From classic vanilla to fun and festive strawberry-lemon, and everything in between there’s a cupcake for everyone.

These cupcakes are also very easy to make. The recipe is simple and straightforward, and the results are always delicious. The cupcakes are perfect for any occasion, and they are sure to be a hit with everyone. Use any cupcake flavor and pudding mix to save time, canned frosting, and sprinkles to make something special.


· 1 Box Cake Mix.

· 1 Small package of Pudding.

· 4 eggs (cracked in a bowl)

· 1 cup whole milk.

· ½ cup vegetable oil.

· Cupcake liners.

· Canned frosting.


1. Preheat oven to 350*

2. In a medium mixing bowl using a hand mixer or stand mixer add cake mix and pudding mix lightly.

3. Add half the milk and the oil blend together add eggs one at a time mix and add remaining milk continue mixing well. Don’t overmix the batter.

4. Line the cupcake pan with the cupcake liners.

5. Using an ice cream scoop or large spoon fill the cupcake liners about ¾ full.

6. Bake cupcakes in preheated oven for about 18 minutes until done.

7. Let cool for about 5 minutes and remove from pan and transfer to a rack to let cool completely.

Ice the cupcakes and use sprinkles or other decorations if you like. Enjoy!!!

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